There are billions of active social media users across the globe. Now you can leverage the power and wide reach of these applications to your benefit. Whether you are looking for marketing solutions, customer care solutions or just simple solutions to send notifications to thousands of your customers, we have the perfect cost-effective solutions for you.

With our solutions, you can offer unified customer service over a variety of messaging apps simultaneously (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber). It’s easy and it’s flexible.

Transactional Messaging
Subscriptions & Promotions - Send news, offers, product announcements or other promotional content as push messages directly to your customers & fans.
Verifications - Login confirmations or two-factor authentication directly via WhatsApp.
Alerts - Inform your customers, for example, about the status of the delivery or changes in flight times.
Dates & Reminders - Schedule appointments or remind your customers about appointments or open invoices.
Confirmations - Send booking or payment confirmations to your customers directly in WhatsApp.
Interactive Scripted Chatbots
We create chatbots that will help you provide pre-scripted responses to your customers' questions. These can be created for a number of uses.
Alerts - Customer Service & Sales Support - Use our chatbots to advise, guide & inform customers using chatbots. You can use it to increase your sales or improve customer satisfaction through simple scripted automation.You can also deliver documents like bank statements or purchase receipts to your customers through our chatbots.
FAQ - You can channel frequent queries and recurring requests to an FAQ chat and answer them easily and automatically using chatbots. This can save both time and money for your business.
NLP-Based AI Chatbots
Our AI-based chatbots use the latest, cutting-edge technologies in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML).
Now you can provide your customers with intuitive, personalized solutions, information and guidance.
The is can help you save a lot of manpower effort, time and money in the long run.
Live Chat With an Agent
Our social media-based business solutions will allow you to provide efficient and cost-effective customer service support through a live chat system.
Now you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to buy and set up a complex customer support system.
You can do it with tools that are freely available to your customers - social media chat apps.

Key Benefits of Our Social Media-Based Solutions

Round the Clock Customer Support

Now you can offer customer service 24/7 (chatbots don’t sleep, and they don’t get sick).

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Your customers will get help faster through efficient responses and guidance. These bots will also increase customer engagement through personalized conversations.

Increased Sales Conversion

Now you can guide your clients quickly and efficiently through your sales funnels and get more conversions.

Improved Privacy and Safety

Our chatbots come with End-to-end encryption and are GDPR compliant. This means your customers can rest assured that their data is safe.

API Based Solutions

We use smart APIs to automate and streamline complex and manual business processes and workflows. We have years of experience automating workflows and business processes across multiple industries.

All our solutions are backed by our industry knowledge, the deep expertise of our development team and our relentless effort to provide the most appropriate solution to our clients.

Customer Details Validation

Our solutions help you confirm if your customers' mobile numbers are valid and accessible. Similarly, they also validate a customer's email and confirm if it is a deliverable id.

GPS-Based Validation Solutions

If you need to validate customer addresses/ locations with geo-tagging and date and time stamps, we can help you do this easily and accurately. This is especially useful for financial services like loans and insurance.

Face and Voice-Based Validation

If you need to incorporate face or voice recognition solutions into your current processes, we can help you do it seamlessly. Our solutions will ensure high accuracy validation reducing discrepancies and issues.

ID Validation Solutions

This solution is perfect for you if your business processes involve customer credential validation - like ID or Address Proofs. Our smart ID validation engine is highly customizable to accommodate your specific needs like different document types, multiple field validation etc.

Document Management Using Smart OCR Engine

Our smart OCR solutions will take the pain out of document management. Just upload the document and our system will do the rest - Read, Validate and Process information from the documents to automate your existing manual processes.

Key Benefits of Our Smart API-Based Solutions

Reduced Document Processing Time

Using our smart OCR technology you can drastically reduce your processing time. You save on time and efforts while getting better quality output.

Improved Customer Experience

Through a reduction in processing time and an increase in the output quality, you will be able to provide better service to your customers.

Reduced Data Processing costs

Using our smart technology, your processing costs will come down as you will need fewer staff members for processing as well as for quality checking.

Better Regulatory Compliance

Since every step of the process is standardized, there are fewer human interventions and lesser chances of errors leading to better data protection and regulatory compliance.

Reduced Processing Effort

When you automate your document processing, it reduces human effort and you can move your staff members to better roles leading to higher employee satisfaction.

Workflow Customization To Suit Your Needs

Our template-based approach helps in bringing about better customization to suit your clients' needs.

Better Output Quality

Our smart API-based technology helps in consistently delivering higher quality output - day in and day out.

Reduced Manual Exception Management

If you have been struggling to maintain quality, our solutions can help you overcome your issues through the automation of your processes. This will lead to fewer exceptions and reduced quality checking and supervisory overheads.