Lp Leadflow


Your Complete Social Media Marketing Campaign And Lead Conversion Platform

Drive sales and boost conversions using custom workflows on the Leadflow Platform.

Use integrated marketing campaigns using multiple channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and Instagram.

Use custom templates to suit your specific campaign needs and brand style.

Quickly respond to sales inquiries using features like Agent Callback, Agent Chat, or AI Chat to boost engagement and conversion.

Easily take care of all document processing – whether you are selling Loans, Cars or Real Estate.

What is LP Leadflow?

Lp Leadflow is a comprehensive platform that integrates multiple funnels to generate and convert leads.

  • First,warm up your cold leads by sending eye-catching promotional messages using multiple media like–WhatsApp,Telegram,Instagram,SMS,and Email.
  • Next, follow up with the leads and help them make a decision through Agent Callback, AI Chatbots, or Feet on Street personnel.
  • Process all customer validation and onboarding documentation using our IDP technology.
  • Follow up with customer engagement messages for further upselling, cross-selling or increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Trusted By Companies Worldwide to Run Their Marketing Campaigns


    Years of Experience


    Messages sent


    Happy Customers



    Get more leads for your products



    Increase Sales Conversion by 30-50%



    Address customer queries quickly



    Easily handle customer documents

    Why are more and more businesses choosing LP Leadflow?

    Comprehensive Solution

    Manage all your marketing activities - from lead generation to customer onboarding - from one single dashboard. You also get the power of multiple social media channels to spread your marketing message.

    Higher ROI

    With LP Leadflow, you can easily expect between 20 - 30% higher returns on your marketing budget. You will also save on your operations costs.

    Easy of Use

    Lp Leadflow was designed with non-technical business owners in mind. That means you won't have to spend days trying to understand how to get things running.

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