Speed and flexibility are the keys to your marketplace success in today’s fast-paced business environment. That’s why smart marketers worldwide are shifting to WhatsApp to communicate quickly with their existing and potential customers. From Netflix to Adidas to Saffola, many top brands use WhatsApp to communicate with their customers or promote their products and services. This is not surprising when you realize that there are over 2 billion monthly WhatsApp users worldwide and that 98% of WhatsApp messages get opened within half an hour of receiving them. That’s a goldmine right there for businesses that are quick to make use of the opportunity.

In simple terms, WhatsApp marketing is a form of messenger marketing. Even though I keep using the term marketing, WhatsApp communication goes way beyond that from a business point of view. It can play a huge role in customer query management, providing regular updates, issue resolution, and many other areas.

Coming back to the promotional aspect, you can easily promote your product, service, or even your brand using WhatsApp.

Today, top brands worldwide use WhatsApp to reach a widespread, diverse audience quickly, increase sales and revenue, solve problems quickly and build strong customer relationships.

So whether you are looking for a tool to promote your products, convert leads into clients or provide 24/7 customer support, LP LeadFlow can help you do it quickly and easily using WhatsApp.

Why You Should Use WhatsApp Marketing for Your Business

Today, WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging platform, with over 2 billion active users monthly. Over 100 billion messages are sent each day over WhatsApp. That makes this medium a must-have communication tool for any business that wants to connect with audiences worldwide -especially in emerging markets.

Here’s a quick look at the number of monthly users in a few countries:

India                                    390.1 million

Brazil                                   108.4 million

United States                    75.1 million

Indonesia                           68.8 million

Russia                                  64.7 million

Mexico                                62.3 million

Germany                             48.3 million

Italy                                     35.5 million

Spain                                   33.0 million

UK                                        30.1 million

More than 50% of WhatsApp users check the app every day.

As per one study, 53% of people said they prefer to buy from companies that are accessible through chat.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp for Your Business Communication

By now, you know why WhatsApp is so popular with top brands across the world. Now, let’s look at some of the benefits of using WhatsApp for business and also how you can weave it into your marketing and communication strategy.

  1. Build Relationships With Your Customers

In business, it is vital to stay connected with your customers. Selling your product or service is just the start of a relationship with your customer. As per one survey, over 55% of people responded that they feel more connected to a brand if they are able to stay in touch with the company using chat services. So if you are looking at building a solid business relationship with your customers, then using WhatsApp to communicate with them would be a no-brainer for your business. There are several reasons why you should do it. For one, happy customers bring repeat business, thus hugely reducing customer acquisition costs. Your loyal customers are also your best advocates and promoters. Regular communication also reduces customer retention costs by 5 to 25 times.

LP LeadFlow allows you to craft and send highly personalized messages using WhatsApp to your customers. You can use it to send anything from personalized welcome messages, discounts and special offers, product updates, and even festival and Birthday greetings. You won’t find a better way to keep your customers more engaged and responsive.

  • Skyrocket Your Conversion Rates

In marketing, getting leads is relatively easy. But converting them takes a lot of work. If you want to improve your conversion rates, it’s vital for you to use the right medium to initiate your first contact with your prospects.

We all know that people are getting more wary of marketing telephone calls and emails, and they are more likely to mark them as spam. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong marketing channel can result in a lot of wasted money and effort.

That’s where WhatsApp marketing comes in handy. You can use WhatsApp to generate interest and gently nudge your potential customers to seek more information or even make a purchase on your website. Most businesses have reported a higher success rate after using WhatsApp Marketing.

Once you have successfully established an initial contact, your chances of conversion are more than double if you message your prospects subsequently. The great thing about LP Leadflow is that it doesn’t just use WhatsApp. While keeping WhatsApp as a primary contact tool, you can easily widen the communication strategy to include SMS, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and even Email.

Such a comprehensive, integrated marketing strategy will hugely increase your conversion rates while lowering advertising costs.

  • Increase Your Sales

WhatsApp marketing can greatly increase your sales pipeline. Adding a Whatsapp chat button on your website gives your visitors an easy method to get in touch with you with their inquiries. You can easily follow this up by sending them more product details – including benefits, discounts, or other promo coupons, etc. to convert these prospects into paying customers.

It’s been proven that prospective customers feel more confident if they can chat with a company representative before buying anything.

A quick tip to double your conversion is to add a WhatsApp sales channel to your online sales strategy. This works exceptionally well for retail businesses. This allows your prospects to click, evaluate and buy your products through WhatsApp without ever having to step into a store or visit a website.

  • Reduce the Overall Cost of Marketing

Integrating WhatsApp into your overall marketing strategy leads to better ROI on your marketing budget. When you do a spend-to-returns analysis, WhatsApp marketing is much more affordable compared to most other marketing channels. This is what makes it so attractive for small and medium businesses worldwide.

As per one study, an average WhatsApp user checks the app more than 25 times a day. So the chances of your message being read (even repeatedly) are much higher than other channels like email. So if you are wondering how to get the best out of WhatsApp marketing, LP Leadflow is the best way for you to start.

With Leadflow, you can seamlessly integrate WhatsApp marking along with some other popular channels like SMS and email.

  • Deliver High-Quality Customer Support 24/7

With WhatsApp in your business communication toolbox, you can easily address customer queries, solve any product/service-related issue your customer is facing, and even update them about any upcoming changes/ improvements in your products or services.

Another great way to use WhatsApp is to gather feedback from the customer. For example, you can integrate your survey links or feedback questions into your WhatsApp messages to quickly collect valuable feedback for improving your products or services.

To sum it all up, you can use WhatsApp for business, not just to send transactional messages. You can also send personalized recommendations, provide advice or counseling on how best to use your products, provide real-time help, address issues, and sell your products and services.

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