Mobile based ERP solution for the trading companies, wholesalers,distributors to have real-time inventory,sales,delivery and invoice management.Developed on Android platform,it is a feature rich collection of four mobile applications  for  Admin,Salesman,Warehouse,Delivery and a web based administrator module capable of handling Sales life cycle from customer onboarding to delivery and invoicing with in-built exception handling and warehouse /inventory management.Symphony keeps a track of the Sales to warehouse to Delivery to invoicing activities thereby making the Operations much more simpler and efficient.

Live location tracking on order placements, sales personnel, delivery personnel, with navigation map and also travel history. Multi Geography support wrt warehouse, Product, Pricing (including taxation), offers etc. from a Centralized database and consolidate view for administrator/owner.Comprehensive reporting modules which enable tracking, reporting and analysis of end to end activities and business growth.In-depth reporting that provide insight on customer preferences, demand as well as product movement. Geo tagging and location tracking to help track clients, sales personnel, delivery personnel which also facilitate seamless continuity from one sales personnel another.Real time stock check, inventory alerts, exception handling,Intelligent allocation of delivery vehicles basis order size,Secured client access through authentication process and device tagging

Admin App

This App is mainly for the Admin, it provides an overview of basic actions including Add new orders ,Orders to confirm, Customers to confirm,Low stock, Outstanding orders, New Orders, Users, Customers, Warehouses, Item master, Stock Management, Settings, Sales report , Sales overview.

Salesman App

The Main Features of this app is View orders based on date range and order status & payment status.
Pending Approvals: Track pending orders , Class /  Credit changes and Customer Registrations.
My Orders: View orders based on date range and order status & payment status
Assigned Deliveries: View allocated delivery for the salesman.
Sales Overview: Helps to  get an overview of business and analyze the performance ( orders , receipts , sales commissions , dues etc.) of the Salesman.
DuePayment:A reporting tool to generate the list of due amounts from each customers based on max credit period and the order date of the delivered orders & to view the due payment orders.
Product Overview: Analyze product sales performance from various branches and of the salesmen along with date range, brand and category.
Scheduled Visits: View follow up dates of each customer of salesman

Delivery App

The Main Features of this app is Managing Orders:
Orders For Delivery − view allocated delivery for the salesman.
My Orders − View orders based on date range , order status & payment status
This app also handles bills and sales return.

Warehouse APP

    The Main Features of this app is to track the status of the orders:
    Process Orders − This shows the status of the orders as PACKED or ASSIGN FOR DELIVERY (with delivery person , delivery vehicle selection).
    Track Orders − To track the orders based on date range and order status.
    Goods Return -Process returned items to get admin approvals.