Lp LEADFLOW is a comprehensive web application that helps you manage multiple aspects of your sales and marketing efforts from one easy-to-use dashboard.

It can help you:

  • In Proactive Campaign Management
  • Conversion of leads to sales
  • In Document collection and verification.


The Campaign Manager Module of Lp VIBES is a utility that helps you reach out to existing and new customers over WhatsApp, SMS, or email more efficiently and effectively. This powerful GUI-based web application will help you create templates, manage all your campaigns, and view campaign analytics.

You can send your customers timely reminders for their appointments using Lp-Vibes (powered by official WhatsApp APIs) to ensure they never miss an appointment.



The Feet on Street Application is integrated with the Campaign Manager to track user response. When a potential customer contacts you, this module allows you to call back or visit the customer for further steps like document collection, verification, or any other support.

The Feet on Street mobile application is quite comprehensive. It ensures complete access security through Two-factor or multifactor (optional) authentication. It also has GPS tracking, device locking, and route mapping. In addition, it provides features like secure document scanning and upload, signature, and location validation.


Lp-Vibes helps automate your document processing steps. After you receive the customer documents – through your agent on the ground or electronically, the eKYC and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) system will apply in real-time Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and processing capabilities to validate and process all those documents automatically.

This helps in KYC validations and quality control, while essentially eliminating hours of manual processing efforts.


The tool provides user organizations with options for creating roles and assigning users to manage or run campaigns.

The process starts with creating message templates, including dynamic content like images, videos, or hyperlinks. Once these templates are approved, they are visible in the message-sending options. These include Multicasting (sending the same message content to a list of users) or Unique casting (sending multiple unique messages to each customer simultaneously, e.g., sending invoices, OTP, etc.).


You can use your own or our provisioned custom SMPP or REST API-based SMS gateway to send bulk or individually targeted messages.


You can use your own or our provisioned custom email API solution to send bulk or individual targeted emails.


We help onboard you onto the WhatsApp for Business platform. Once Meta approves you, you can create Templates and start sending messages over WhatsApp. You can also integrate the client application over the REST API provided and start sending rich text messages over WhatsApp.


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