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Symphony is a mobile-based ERP and eCommerce solution for your business – whether you have an online business, a trading company, or are into the offline wholesale or retail business.

With Lp Symphony, you can actively manage sales, delivery, invoice, and inventory management on a seamless, real-time basis.

It is currently available for the Android platform.

Lp Symphony is essentially a feature-rich collection of desktop and mobile applications for your Sales team, Warehouse managers, your Delivery department, and eCommerce managers.

It also features a web-based administrator module, capable of handling the entire sales life cycle – from customer onboarding to delivery and invoicing.

It comes with in-built exception handling features and warehouse and inventory management features.

Symphony can keep track of everything – from sales to your warehouse, to delivery and even invoicing activities.

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Here’s What You Get


eCommerce Management

Set up and manage your online eCommerce store from one single dashboard.

Easily manage aspects like:

  • Sales Promos
  • Discounted Sales
  • Best Selling Items
  • Pricing Changes

Live Location Tracking

Track everything from new orders, outstanding orders, Pending payments, returned goods, sales and delivery personnel location, etc. from within the app


Multi-Geography Support

Lp Symphony supports your operations across geographies. So you are always in control, no matter where your customers, stores or warehouses are located.


Comprehensive Reporting Module

Lp Symphony's reporting module gives you the ability to easily generate both standard and custom reports enabling you to keep an eye on every aspect of your operations.


Sales and Delivery Management

You can track every aspect of your sales and product delivery operations from a single dashboard or app.

Track where your sales or delivery personnel are, and track new orders, pending deliveries, sales outstanding, returns, etc., - all from the convenience of your desk.


Real Time Stock Check

Now you will easily be able to assess the current stock levels and take adequate actions based on your demand and supply data and forecasts.


Inventory Alerts

You can set up alerts based on inventory levels so that no matter how busy you are, you will be on top of your inventory or stock levels across multiple warehouses and geographies.


Exception Handling

No matter how well you plan, there can still be issues that you may need to handle on the fly.

Lp Symphony gives you the ability to handle exceptions quickly so that you are able to mitigate issues and improve customer satisfaction.


Intelligent Delivery Planning

With Lp Symphony, you can plan the delivery of all your products to the last detail. You can manage your delivery trucks based on inventory levels so that you don't incur unwanted costs.


Secured Client Access

It is important for your ERP system to be highly secure to avoid major issues like data theft or even issues in operations.

Lp Symphony has high levels of security and user authentication controls to prevent wrong issues like logins.


A Few Key Features

eCommerce Module
Order & Delivery Tracking
Billing Management
Mobile Sales Application
Inventory & Warehouse Management
Comprehensive Reporting
Vendor Management
Field Survey Module

End To End Sales and Delivery Solution

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Manage Online and Offline Sales

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While you focus on increasing sales through our Online and Offline sales module, Lp Symphony will take care of all the other aspects of your operations with minimum intervention.

You will know when sales happen or when the order is to be delivered. You will also know the delivery status, billing, and even receivables status.

You can track and manage your sales and delivery personnel, and keep track of inventory levels. You can process orders and goods return. You can even manage your suppliers.


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